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Assessment of hearing acuity, diagnosis of the hearing disorders, auditory rehabilitation, dispensing of suitable hearing aids, customisation of the ear moulds. Oto laryngological examination, neurological examinations for those who need it.

  1. Neonatal hearing clinic – p_3
    New born babies are tested for birth defects in their hearing organ by an equipment called Oto Acoustic Emission (OAE). The specialists from Institute of Health Sciences visit the hospitals where the babies are born. Institute of Health Sciences provides service at Sanjeebani Hospital , Maa Sakti Hospital , Swarna Nursing Home and discussions are on to spread the service to all other hospitals and nursing homes of the capital city. In phased manner Institute of Health Sciences plans to comprehensively cover all the babies in high-risk categories born in the twin cities of Bhubaneswar & Cuttack .
  2. Hearing Care clinic –
    p_2Complete Audiological diagnostics starting from puretone Audiometry, free field testing, Speech Audiometry, Special tests for differential diagnosis, electro-physiological tests like Impedance Audiometry, Brain stem Evoked Response Audiometry and Oto acoustic emission is done here. Hearing impairment is managed by analogue and digital hearing aids, programming of the aids by HIPRO and Real Ear Measurement (REM) apart from customized soft moulds and hard moulds provide perfect hearing solution.
  3. Cochlear Implant Clinic – p_4
    People with birth defects of hearing, which can’t be assisted with hearing aids, are helped with cochlear implants. Institute of Health Sciences has conducted workshops on cochlear implant with the association of Cochlear of Australia. Ms. Mamata Sahu is trained to deal with the postoperative condition using AV Therapy. The futuristic activities in this specialized area shall be gaining momentum in Odisha.
  4. Gerentology Clinic – 
    p_5Every one of us will grow old and is running the risk of old age related disorders. Institute of Health Sciences is providing geriatric health care in association with other agencies. It had distributed hearing aids received from Help the Aged, UK through Helpage India to the selected old persons in its project area of Ranapur block in Nayagarh district. It is providing charitable services to senior citizens of the city who visit the institute. It also conducts special camps for the senior citizens.