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Treatment for all kinds of speech defects. The functional speech and voice disorders like stuttering/stammering, pubophonia, misarpiculations etc are treated. Neurological speech and language disorders like aphasia, dysarthria or dysarthrophonia are treated. Childhood disorders like cerebral pasly, mental retardation, hearing impairment also receive regular therapy individual and in group.

Speech & Hearing Clinic is being run at N2/41, IRC Village apart from it’s own campus at Chandaka at Bhubaneswar. Regional Centers offering Speech and Hearing Health Care are at Rourkela, Sambalpur and Angul.   The clinics deal with all kinds of functional and organic speech language and hearing disorders. This centres are equipped to provide treatment to clients from 8 A.M to 6 P.M on all working days and in the evening with prior appointment.

  1. Stuttering Clinic – 
    Nearly 1% of all people have speech disfluencies. Because of stuttering, stammering cluttering and similar problems, many intelligent persons don’t do well in oral examinations or viva-voce. Presently many college going students are taking therapy in this institute. The DAF and Biofeedback equipments are used to treat stammering. Institute of Health Sciences has started extending services to public schools and colleges. There is a great scope of work in improving the communication skills in the career oriented young people and executives.
  2. CLP clinic – 
    Cleft Lip and Palate not only makes a child look ugly but also makes normal speech and language development impossible. These cases of CLP undergo a corrective plastic surgery and then receive speech therapy. Institute of Health sciences shall provide the latest therapy to CLP cases under the trained and experienced staff.
  3. NLP clinic – 
    Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has multiple uses for developing the personality and treating the communication disorders and emotional disorders. Prof. S. Mahapatra is an experienced NLP therapist. He has worked with thousands of patients in Rajasthan, Gujarat , Madhya Pradesh and Odisha. In the future NLP shall be in great demand as the means for personal development and thereby turn out to be an important source of revenue for the institute.
  4. Aphasia clinic – 
    Increasingly people with hypertension and unmanaged stress are becoming victims of cerebro vascular accidents. Stroke affected persons develop Aphasia, Dysarthria, or Apraxia. Many persons because of accidents or head injury develop Aphasia. Motor neuron diseases like ALS and degenerative disorders precipitate speech and language disorders. Institute of Health Sciences has complete diagnostic and therapeutic facilities to treat all cases of neurogenic speech and language disorders.
  5. Voice Clinic – 
    Vocal Abuse, infections, exposure to pollution and toxins cause the varieties of voice disorders. Institute of Health Sciences under the directorship of experienced ENT surgeon Dr. Rajendra Satapathy provides endoscopic diagnostic services. The patients receive voice therapy post operatively at the institute.