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BASLP (Bachelor of Audiology Speech Language Pathology)

The BASLP (Bachelor of Audiology Speech Language Pathology), a four-year degree course, is a multidisciplinary one with core subjects of Speech pathology, Language pathology and Audiology. The allied subjects are linguistics, Electronics, Acoustics, Psychology and Statistics. The basic medical subjects that prepare the foundation in the clinical competence are Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and the specialized medical subjects are Otolaryngology, Neurology, and Pediatrics. This shall be a graduate level course supported by classroom lectures, demonstrations, Seminars, Workshops, Journal Clubs, Case study or clinical Conferences.

The program will be supervised by clinical supervisors and guided by the faculty. The course content shall be continuously updated with the latest trends and developments elsewhere.


The speech and hearing profession is relatively younger science with much of the Research & Development occurring after the Second World War. However, it has taken great strides with advancement in information technology into a high-tech medico rehabilitation discipline. The speech and hearing specialist, commonly referred to as Audiologist and Speech Pathologist, provides services to the sufferers of hearing disorders and speech defects like stammering, stuttering, voice disorder, delayed speech and language development disorders due to mental retardation, deafness, cerebral dysfunction, autism spectrum disorders etc. the speech and hearing professionals are absorbed into various types of roles depending on the organizational setup. While in a hospital, it is the role of a Clinical Audiologist dealing with identification, assessment & diagnosis of hearing impairment and therapy for speech defects, in the industries they deal with occupational health hazards. In the institutes for the Handicapped, they work as the rehabilitator, while in special schools for the handicapped the role revolves around Educational Audiology. The versatile activities of the speech and hearing specialist opens up avenues for their career advancement. Many Indian professional have migrated to different parts of the world like, U.S.A , U.K. , Germany , Canada & Australia and have carved out a nice career for themselves.


Audiology is the study and treatment of hearing impairment & balance disorders. Ear is one of our vital sense organs. “Audiologists” are experts in medical management of hearing and balance systems. They specialize in the study of Normal & impaired hearing, Prevention of Hearing Loss, Identification & assessment of hearing & balance problems, Rehabilitation of Persons with hearings & balance disorders. In addition, Audiologists can also teach in medical colleges, Manage NGOs, Clinics or do Private practices, Engage in research to enhance knowledge about normal hearing and the evaluation & treatment of hearing disorders or design hearing instruments & testing equipment.


The speech Language Pathologist works with the full range of human communication & its disorders, and also treat speech, language and swallowing disorders in individuals of all ages, from infant to the elderly.

Evaluate & diagnose speech, language & swallowing disorders.

In addition, Speech-Language Pathologists can also teach in Medical Colleges, manage NGOs, Rehabilitation Centers , clinics or do private practices, engage in research to enhance knowledge about human communication processes, develop new methods and equipment’s to evaluate & treat communication disorders, establish more effective treatments.

Investigate behavioral patterns associated with communication disorders.


1 Admission/Re-Admission fees
2 Tuition fees
3 Practical fees
4 Clinical fees
5 Library fees
6 Examination fees
7 Workshop/Seminar fees
8 Development fees
Total Semester Fees + Hostel Fees
Rs. 2,00,000.00